Creative Production

Creative production is a complimentary digital service of DigitalsCom, which enables us to deliver a turnkey digital service structure to advertisers and their media buying agencies as well.

The Process
After getting the storyboard in PSD format, we are creating interactive HTML5 banner ads and resizing them in accordance with required technical specs for the use on different websites.

We are preferred partner of advertisers and media buying agencies, who make always-on digital investments, where we manage their entire banner production with maximum dedication and cost efficiency. On the other hand, we are providing a very dynamic service without any time delay in the delivery, which enables advertisers and their media agencies to synchronize their online media usage with offline.

We specialize in HTML5 banner production for DoubleClick, Sizmek, Google Display Network (AdWords), meeting IAB standards. We also produce banners in GIF or PNG formats at different sizes, handling all your resizing needs.

Our creative service includes:

• Converting your PSD file into HTML5 interactive banners (Web and Mobile)
• Adding animations to static banners and delivering in HTML5 or GIF formats
• Scaling and resizing banners to support different formats
• Apply yet another last minute change to the assets your client already approved