Welcome to DigitalsCom.

Founded in 2015, DigitalsCom is an independent digital sales house, providing a comprehensive digital media suite in different verticals and leveraging digital media for value creation, including programmatic media services, bespoke influencer marketing solutions, premium publisher network and creative production.

Programmatic Media

Media agnostic and brand-safe premium programmatic media solutions with the right audience delivery, ultimate performance metrics and maximum ROI


Influencer Marketing

Turnkey and SaaS influencer marketing solutions for brands and enterprises, to amplify their messages and increase their Share-of-Voice


Publisher Network

Strategic partnership with various premium publishers and adnetworks in different verticals for the monetization of their digital inventory


Creative Production

Creative production as a complimentary digital service, which enables us to deliver a turnkey digital service structure to advertisers and media buying agencies




Sinan Tan

Founder, DigitalsCom CEO, adMingle & Social-Internet, Turkey

Sinan Tan holds the position of Founder at DigitalsCom and CEO at adMingle and Social-Internet Turkey. With more than 15 years of experience in media industry,

Selim Benbasat

Consultant, DigitalsCom Founder & Head of Business Innovation, Social-Internet

Actively invests and develops companies in various stages of maturity and in various industries focusing initially on New Media, Internet, Chemicals,

Alp Önkal

Sales Executive, DigitalsCom & adMingle Turkey

Alp Önkal holds the position of Sales Executive at DigitalsCom and adMingle Turkey.

Emre Efe

Sales Executive, DigitalsCom & adMingle Turkey

Emre Efe holds the position of Sales Executive at DigitalsCom and adMingle Turkey.

Kemal Türkdogdu

Accounting Executive, DigitalsCom & adMingle Turkey

Kemal Türkdogdu holds the position of Accounting Executive at DigitalsCom and adMingle Turkey.