Influencer Marketing

DigitalsCom has adMingle Turkey’s exclusive market rights, the leading global Influencer Marketing Platform (IMP®) and Social-Internet Turkey’s exclusive market rights, the leading global IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) SaaS company, which are operating in 17 countries across 5 continents.

adMingle Influencer Marketing Platform (IMP®) enables advertisers to discover their micro-brand ambassadors to share their advertising content and be active promoters of their advertising message in a native way.

By subscribing to adMingle Influencer Marketing Platform (IMP®), micro-influencers are able to turn thier influence and time invested in social media into earnings by the value they generate to companies. adMingle Influencer Marketing Platform is currently present in nearly 17 countries across 5 continents.

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DigitalsCom is connecting brands with macro-influencers, to amplify their messages, by leveraging the power of social media, and integrating influencers into their digital marketing strategies.

Influncer Marketing Credentials

Please click on the link to see our Influencer Marketing Credentials presentation, comprising micro-Influencer, macro-Influencer and branded-content creation projects.

Social Internet is providing; technology-enabled services helping enterprises handle your
Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) using its proprietary enterprise software called Au.thor.i.ty ®.

Increase your brand’s Share-of-Voice and grow your sales conversion

by turning your happy customers into digital Influencers with Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM Module

Once connected to your Influencers, Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM’s scalable and agile Campaign Management System will incentive your Influencers on their 2Ps (Passion and Performance) when they forward communications & campaigns, or when they create content you approve. Finally, You will gain unique 360° insights about your Influencers reach, impact and relevance to branding and lead generation efforts.

Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM is presently used by brands, eCommerce websites, Publisher websites and agencies - from small companies to large enterprises.

Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM has propitiatory technologies that optimize digital Word-of-Mouth of both Macro and Micro Influencers, while embedding anti-fraud technologies and personal CPM capabilities.

Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM is integrated with most Social Channel (global and local channgels) and leading Instant messaging (such as WhatsApp).

Social Internet’s Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM customers that choose to directly manage their relationships with their influencers are spread across 5 continents

Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM Modules

Invite Your known Customers and Influencers in your market to become Your brand ambassadors. Then, propose them to share and create content, and to be rewarded against the measured value they generate.

‘Share&Earn’ plug-in for e-Commerce, publisher, enterprise websites, newsletters and apps will turn your occasional site visitor into an Influencer, who will better engage customers and move them into action

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Leverage your un-tapped employee’s and eco-system’s reach through their social channels followers to promote your corporate communications, and reward them against their performance.

Turn offline customers to online digital influencers and vice versa through incentivised social sharing techniques that will appear on physical assets offered by your company (stores, packages, products, packages, bags...).

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